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What is a The Highlights & Hidden Gems?This is the walking tour will suggest the number of highlights or points of interest that be included on each tour. These are often ‘land-marks’ or ‘must-sees’ that have interesting stories behind them. This might be cultural, historical, related to arts or architecture. They are the places that people look forward to seeing in the city. The tour is also trying to show highlights away from a big crowd of people, and try to avoid telling only stories that anyone can read online. Also Hidden Gems should be included in a particular tour. These are really what makes the tour special and stand-out and they rely on your insider knowledge. These are really the places that tourists don’t know about. Examples of some hidden gemsHidden local temple at the back of an allyHidden micro-brew with ancient glass of beerAn art gallery or handicraft in somebody’s houseA secret viewpointAn abandoned colonized buildingsA piece of street art.

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