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This tour is for people who like to enjoy nature and adventure, dunes and grooves created by the winds and a lagoon in the middle of the desert create a beautiful landscape and you will be amazed to be in the middle of this beautiful place.

On this tour you can be part of this unique visit through the desert in buggies, crossing the extensive desert, and then arriving at this wonderful oasis where we will visit a country house with an incredible natural lagoon called the “Laguna Costa Rica”, a place where You can swim and do various sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, buggies and sandboarding.

• Our tubular will leave from Paracas towards the desert called California,

• Then we will cross a large part of this desert going up and down the dunes doing pirouettes and you will feel the excitement and adrenaline in our sand cart, on this trip you will be able to enjoy the impressive landscape in this desert until you reach the Oasis Costarrica,

• The Costa Rican Oasis : it is an impressive lagoon formed by nature by the underground rivers that come from the mountains, here you can swim in these natural waters free of pollution.

• Have our Tubular Tour to the Costa Rica Lagoon you can also take a rowing boat ride, kayak, and on a paddle board

• After having enjoyed this Oasis we will board our buggy again to continue walking through the desert and continue climbing the dunes.

• We will also make stops at the top of the dunes to practice sandboarding,
If you have never done this sport, our driver and guide will teach you and give you recommendations on how to do it safely so you can enjoy this sport, and take many photos,.

• Then we will continue our tour through the desert with the buggy until we arrive to Paracas



Hidden Oasis Escape: Discover Costa Rica Oasis away from crowds
Desert Adventure: Buggy rides and sandboarding thrills
Nature’s Beauty: Swim in natural lagoon and watersports
Expert Guided: Learn sandboarding safely from our guide
Scenic Marvels: Explore desert landscapes and dunes



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