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Half day Tibetan cultural tour – Pashchimanchal, Nepal

Explore a Tibetan refugee settlement, discover Buddhist symbols, visit Tibetan schools, see handmade carpets, learn about their history, meet a Tibetan doctor, and savor authentic Tibetan cuisine.


Embark on the Tibetan Cultural Tour in Pokhara, guided by the passionate and knowledgeable Mr. Thupten Gyatso, a Tibetan native deeply rooted in the region. This unique experience takes you to Tibetan refugee settlements in Pokhara, offering an immersive educational and cultural journey. Beyond ordinary sightseeing, you’ll gain a profound understanding of Tibetan culture, religion, and the lives of Tibetan refugees in Nepal. Mr. Thupten’s dedication to preserving and sharing Tibetan heritage ensures an enriching and enlightening exploration of this captivating culture.

Our tours are focused on providing an immersive cultural and educational experience, offering a deeper understanding of Tibetan culture, religion, and the lives of Tibetan refugees in Nepal. Therefore our tours are ideal for individuals interested in learning about Tibet, its people, and our rich Buddhist culture.

Tibetan refugees in Nepal are eager to share their philosophies, way of life and dedication to preserving their culture.

Embark on a half day tour for an enriching journey into Tibetan culture.

* Explore one Tibetan refugee settlement around Pokhara valley to learn and understand how Tibetan people are living in Nepal and how well Tibetan people have kept their Tibetan language, identity, and their rich Buddhist culture intact in Nepal.

* Learn about Tibetan schools and their educational system in the Tibetan settlements.
You will also visit a monastery their and learn the meanings of different Buddhist signs and symbols that are so important in their daily life. Such as prayer wheels, prayer flags, stupas, etc.

* You will discover the art and craft of the Tibetan plateau, including their famous hand-woven carpets and know the carpet making process with our knowledgeable guide who will explain to you about it in detail.

* In the photo gallery, you will explore the history of Tibetan refugees and view images depicting their settlement in the early 1960s. These pictures highlight how the Tibetan people have successfully preserved their language, culture, and identity despite living in exile for an extended period of time.

* Meet a Tibetan doctor and learn basic knowledge about Tibetan medicine and its treatment. Receive first-hand experience with medical check-ups from a Tibetan doctor.

* Enjoy authentic Tibetan lunch in one of the Tibetan restaurants and taste Tibetan Momos and Thenthuk, a nourishing soup with freshly kneaded dough, meat and vegetables. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available. Mr. Thupten will enlighten about Tibetan cuisine.

* We also provide gluten-free food options, including plain rice and vegetable curry.

A rich and immersive experience into Tibetan culture awaits!



Visit one Tibetan Refugee settlement near Pokhara valley.
Learn about the meanings of Buddhist symbols in daily life.
Explore Tibetan Schools and their educational system.
Meet a Tibetan doctor and gain insights into Tibetan medicine.
Enjoy an authentic Tibetan lunch at a local restaurant.



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