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The walk’s route has 3.6 km length, where a tour guide will be waiting for you to take the public transportation and start the hike surrounded by natural attractions and also leading you to an ecotourism environment. Firstly, you’ll see one of the most beautiful places located in Serra da Bocaina National Park with stunning views and great beauty. We’ll enjoy a variety of landscapes, different fauna species, and representative flora in Mata Atlântica. The tour guide during the excursion will provide information on the type of pavement, type of material found in the excavations, and characteristics of Mata Atlântica’s surroundings, as well as life and history related to that period of time. The tour experience is located close to Paraty-Cunha in the Vila do Penha community, where it is also possible after going down the paths, to visit the Cachoeira do Tobogã or the Alembic, Engenho do D’ouro (Optional)

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