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It is a trip to the mountain to one of the best ski centers in Chile, Portillo is located about 2 hours northeast of Santiago and when you leave the hotel you take the road to the northern routes. It is known as one of the hardest to say for professionals, but also where are the tourists who are used to this type of ski slopes and who deliver a beautiful landscape with a green water lagoon known as the Inca lagoon here as an option lunch in an environment wonderful the Portillo infrastructure is equal to that of other tracks in the world. It was the headquarters of the world speed championship therefore has a very well-earned prestige and managed by the Pursel family of American origin. This has allowed Portillo to have a very strong connection with tourists from Europe and the United States today it is very visited by Brazilians  this country is waiting for you to show you our nice place to stay in vacation so see you here.

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