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Our tour begings with the pick up of passengers in their hotel and then we are going to drive for 3 hours to arrive to Paracas, where are located the Ballestas island which is a natural reserve full of sea lions and Humboldt pinguins in order to do this activity we are going to take a boat and navigate for 2 hours approximatedly.

After this interesting excursion we will visit the vineyards, where we will learn how to make our national drink “Pisco” also we will have the chance to taste different varieties os wine and pisco.

Then we will go to the restaurant where we will have free time to have lounch.

In the afternoon we will go to the oasis la Huacachina there we can practice different adventure sports such us sandboarding and buggies.

Finally we will have free time to buy souvenirs and then we will return to Lima city and your hotels.



Know the best of the south coast of Peru
Excursion in small groups so we can have more time to explore the area
Discover Peru in a different and memorable way



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