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Meeting point 10 minutes before the indicated time on Jiron Orbegoso street. Once we are all gathered, we will head towards the Moche countryside to observe the numerous mud and adobe constructions belonging to the ancient Moche culture.

On the way, we will make a stop to observe the elaboration of Moche pottery in one of the workshops. Arriving at the site, you will be able to appreciate the enormous walls of the Huaca del Sol and almost half a kilometer away we will see the great Huaca de La Luna.

We will enter these imposing constructions and we will go through its different levels admiring the beautiful colors of its walls that still preserve paintings with warrior and religious motifs. We will see paintings that emulated the rites and ceremonies that the Mochicas practiced, such as the human sacrifices they made in the central square of the huaca.

During the tour, we will notice the effects of the erosion of the huacas due to the winds and rains. While admiring the Huaca del Sol, we will learn about the history of the illegal looters who plundered these constructions without control.

After exploring these fascinating constructions for an hour and a half, we will head to the town of Moche, where you will have two hours of free time to replenish your energy in a local restaurant.

With your batteries recharged and after visiting Huaca Chica, we will head back to Trujillo’s main square and end the tour at 1:30 pm.



Visit the citadel of Chan Chan, the largest mud city in the world!
You will tour the interior of these two impressive step pyramids.
An expert guide will tell you all about them and the Mochica culture.



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