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From Taipei: Nantou and Sun Moon Lake View and Tribe Tour – Nantou County, Taiwan

Discover Nantou on a tour from Taipei City and spend time by Sun Moon Lake. Explore the lake's mountainside scenery and visit the region's landmarks like Yidashao Wharf and Xuanguang Temple.


Escape the bustle of Taipei City on this tour of Nantou, known for its mountainous landscapes and mesmerizing Sun Moon Lake. Learn about the Thao, a small group of Taiwanese indigenous peoples, and enjoy the beautiful scenery with your guide.

Your trip to Nantou County begins either at the meeting point or at your pickup location in Taipei City. Drive out of the city to a land of lush greenery, striking mountains, and meandering rivers. Listen to your guide as they tell you local facts and the indigenous history of the area.

Arrive at Sun Moon Lake and be dazzled by its turquoise waters and the surrounding mountains. Spend time at the alpine lake to take in incredible views.

Enjoy a boat ride (if the group option is selected), wander the foot trails, or check out some of the lake’s scenic spots like Shuishe Wharf, Yidashao Wharf, and Xuanzhuang Temple.

During your tour learn about the Thao, the indigenous people who have lived near Sun Moon Lake, and get to know local traditions before heading back to Taipei City.



Experience the tranquility of Sun Moon Lake and its shimmering waters
Be in awe of incredible mountain landscape in the middle of the island
Leave Taipei City to tour Nantou County, known for its natural beauty
Learn about the indigenous Thao people and their interesting history
Visit the region’s popular landmarks like Xuanguang Temple or its wharfs



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