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From Puno || Excursion to Chucuito, Aramu Muru and Juli || – Puno Region, Peru

We will explore the southern region of Puno on this excursion to Chucuito, Aramu Muru and Juli. We will discover its most emblematic archaeological and sacred sites.


At the indicated time we will pick you up at your hotel in Puno. There we will start the excursion to Chucuito, Aramu Muru and Juli, three towns full of charm and ancestral history.

Our first stop will take place in Chucuito, a town located on a hill overlooking Lake Titicaca, is characterized by its great archaeological wealth. There we will visit its most representative places, where the Temple of Fertility stands out.

We will continue the excursion to the Chullpas de Molloco to observe these unique constructions from pre-Columbian times. What was their function? Why do they have a rounded shape? We will find out!

Next, we will make a stop at some Andean waru waru. These floodable furrows are intended to create a microclimate that mitigates the effect of frost, thus developing crops. Did you know that?

Afterwards, we will head to Aramu Muru, also called Gate of the Gods. According to an ancient legend, this mysterious place will one day allow the arrival of various divinities to the Earth. We will learn about this and many other mysteries hidden in this stone portal.

Afterwards, we will travel to the city of Juli, known as the Rome of Latin America. Do you want to find out why? You will find out as soon as we start walking through its temples, such as St. Peter’s, St. John Lateran or St. Dominic. In addition, you will be able to admire great pictorial works of Cusquenian artists.

Before returning, we will stop at a local restaurant so you can have lunch on your own. After lunch, we will finally drop you off at the main square of Puno, where we will arrive nine hours later.



Embark on a captivating excursion to Aramu Muru
Quiet hiking: A place for relaxation and quiet energy, full of mysticism.
Archeology: This temple serves as an altar to Andean cultures of the past.



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