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From Piura || Piura and Catacaos Tour – Narihuala – Things to do in Piura, Peru

We will discover the most emblematic corners of Piura and, in addition, we will visit the handicraft town of Catacaos, a very complete route!


At 9:00 a.m., we will pick you up at your hotel in Piura and take you on a tour of the historic center of the city.

First, we will stop at the Plaza de Armas, the nerve center of the town. There we will admire the impressive Cathedral of Piura, built in the 16th century in honor of San Miguel. You will love its history! From there we will approach the Admiral Miguel Grau House Museum, did you know that this building was destroyed by the earthquake of 1912?

After an optional guided tour of the San Miguel Bridge and Piura’s main river, we will head to Simbila: a small hamlet located 5 kilometers away where we will see artisans working pottery. Nearby is the town of Catacaos, which has become a must for anyone passing through Piura.

Once there, you will have an hour free for lunch and we will take a guided tour of the old town, where we will visit the Plaza de Armas, the Monument to Bachiller Juan De Mori Alvarado and the San Juan Bautista temple. In addition, we will go to Comercio Street so you can shop in the area.

We will continue our tour of Catacaos visiting a typical products store where we will taste regional sweets and attend a brief explanation of the process of making algarrobina. We will also visit the galleries of gold and silver filigree artisans.

We will finish the tour returning to Piura at 16:00 hours.



Historic buildings, artisan workshops and a town steeped in tradition
Village of Simbila, famous for the work of its craftsmen.
Take the opportunity to bring back beautiful memories of your trip.



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