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Pick-up will be from your hotel in Paracas to the tour company office. during the briefing, we will provide all the information necessary for this amazing trip where you will get all the orientation before your adventure begins
Afterwards, you will be given a scooter for two persons with the helmets and a maps of Paracas National Reserve.

Once ready, you will begin your experience in one of the driest deserts in the world, you will be able to see fossils of more than 45 million years, Supay beach with beautiful cliffs and landscapes, the cathedral has a beautiful landscape and connects with the sea, the beach Roja is the only beach in Peru with reddish sand, itsmo you can see the reserve and the beach from above, La Mina beach one of the best beaches for bathing and sunbathing in the summer, with your activity feel free and explore at your leisure Finally, upon your return, you must deliver the scooter to our office. It is recommended that you bring a coat and sunglasses, when you give us the scooter at the office we will take back to your hotel



Explore Paracas Reserve in your own style by driving in a scooter for 2 people
Spot wildlife at the reserve
Learn more about Paracas Reserve



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