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From Paracas: Tambo Colorado Inca Complex Tour – Ica Region, Peru

Step back in time and retrace history on this visit to Tambo Colorado from Paracas or Pisco. Explore one of the most well-preserved Inca complexes on the Peruvian coast, and learn about the history of the site from your expert guide.


The trip begins with pickup from your hotel in Paracas or Pisco and travels to the Inca settlement of Tambo Colorado. Most-likely built at the end of the 15th century, the site was ruled by the Inca Emperor Pachacutec. Wander around the site with your guide and admire the decorated surfaces and structure that has survived remarkably well over the centuries, thanks to the dry climate of the region.

The site was built in the typical Incan design, with recessed trapezoidal niches and a rectangular floor plan. Learn about the styles of architecture from this historical period, and the cultural influences from the Ayacucho and Cusco people. Explore the site’s ceremonial plazas, platforms, and houses, as well as the main building known as La Fortaleza.

Listen to your guide explain the heritage of the site, that is believed to have been used as an administrative, ceremonial, and military center which controlled the main road from the coast to the highlands. The site was also used as a resting place for many of the Inca army soldiers across the local territory.



Visit one of most well-preserved Inca complexes in Peru
Explore the site that was one of the most significant coastal centers of the Incan empire
Discover features including ceremonial plazas and historic houses



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