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From Paracas: Mini Buggy Tour & Sandboarding at Oasis – Ica Region, Peru

Explore the desert dunes on this mini buggy tour from Paracas. Ride sand buggies through the desert, admire formations made by the winds, sandboard down the dunes, and enjoy tthe Oasis of Costa Rica.


We leave for the California desert, here begins the journey through dune formations, the landscape that can be seen during the tour is a sea of dunes with very fine and colorful sand. On the way we will take photos and practice sandboarding and then continue our journey until we reach the Oasis of Costa Rica.
To date, the Oasis is in perfect condition, it is considered a jewel of the Pisco desert, the best way to get there is through the desert in a 4×4 tubular vehicle, which is an unforgettable experience.
In this place you can go kayaking, rowing boats, paddle boarding, walking, bird watching and if you want to take a bath. After enjoying the oasis, the return is direct to your hotel through the California desert.



Appreciate its immense sand dunes
Enjoy multiple activities, such as sandboarding, kayaking and swimming
Explore this large, beautiful lagoon (lake) surrounded by sand dunes
Travel in Buggies through the desert until you reach the Lagoon



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