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From Paracas || Excursion to the Ballestas Islands ||3 hours – Ica Region, Peru

Humboldt penguins, sea lions and many other species await you in the Ballestas Islands. Let yourself be captivated by its landscapes with this excursion from Paracas.


At the indicated time, we will pick you up at your hotel in Paracas and transfer you to the local port. Once at the dock, we will start a speedboat tour to discover the coastal landscapes of the area.

During this trip we will sail along the coastline of the Paracas Peninsula. From the boat we will see the carved lines of the enigmatic geoglyph of El Candelabro, will we be able to decipher the meaning of this mysterious figure carved on the ground?

We will continue our trip by speedboat along the coast of the Ballestas Islands. As we sail along this archipelago we will see numerous local fauna such as sea lions, Humboldt penguins and endemic birds that usually fly over the islands, nesting in their highest parts.

During the tour we will also learn about some of the customs, curiosities and anecdotes of the marine fauna that inhabit this exceptional environmental setting. Did you know that guano birds often choose this Peruvian archipelago to give birth and care for their young?

We will finish the boat ride arriving at the port of Paracas at 11:00 am. From the dock we will take you back to your hotel, where you will arrive at 11:30 am.



Immerse yourself in the history and natural wealth of this protected reserve.
Marvel at the impressive marine wildlife, from sea lions to charming penguins.
Enjoy a spectacular show with guanay and guanera birds filling the sky.



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