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The tour will begin in the main square or Zocalo, exploring the modern foundations of the city, the cathedral and its colonial past. From here we will move onto the markets before they get too busy. An integral part of life in Mexico, we will explore both the Benito Juarez food market and the Mercado 20 de Noviembre craft market, where you can find all manner of produce and wares. We will sample some typical food & drinks, have a look at how chocolate is made, visit a Mezcal superstore, checkout the world famous ‘pasillo de humo’ (corridor of smoke) as well as help you understand the layout of the markets for future reference and shopping. Believe us, you can get lost among the plethora of textiles, leather goods, shoemakers, ceramics, fried crickets & foodstalls!

A tour of the market is a must on any trip to Mexico for both the local insight and tips on where to eat & acquire interesting local crafts & souvenirs.

After the bustle of the market you will be delighted to enter the oasis of calm and biodiversity that is the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca. Considered a gem among botanical gardens, although relatively small in size it houses a huge variety of cacti & agave, amny among them endemic to the region. This is an eye opening walk among the representative vegetation of the state and an amazing spot for photo opportunities.

Next up, a welcome break for refreshments and light lunch at La Cosecha Market. This market is relatively small, open air and very clean and as opposed to the main city markets and was setup to showcase the food from different regions of the state, which you can choose from the different vendors that surround a common eating area. A very pleasant & necessary break en route to our next stop: the Santo Domingo church, one of the most celebrated in Oaxaca & Mexico. We finish our afternoon by heading down to the Textile museum, a beautifully restored colonial mansion that houses a fascinating collection of Textiles from around the state. Oaxaca is known specifically for its textiles and this museum is a hidden gem.

Tour Program :
– 8am : Meeting point, Cafe Jaguar
– Zocalo
– Chocolate Mayordomo
– Mercado 20 Nov, Mercado Benito Juarez
– Mercado Cosecha Lunch
– Jardin Etno Botanico,
– Sto Domingo Church
– Textile museum
– 3pm : Back at the meeting point



Discover Oaxaca City Markets
Admire Santo Domingo Church and the Botanical Gardens
Enjoy a delicious Lunch and food tastings
Visit a Textile Museum



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