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Built on a hilltop dominating the whole of the Central Valleys region of Oaxaca, Monte Alban site was the center of Zapotec religion and power for centuries. The views are incredible, with the modern city spreading away to the south and numerous villages dotting the landscape in all the other directions.

The timing of our morning visit means you will beat the crowds and the heat, enjoying the spectacular location at the perfect time to appreciate the details and get some great photos. Up here, you will understand why the Zapotecs call themselves the people of the clouds.

We then head to Atzompa, renowned for its continuation of ancient traditions and in particular, ceramics. Atzompa was historically one of the barrios of Monte Alban and has its own ceremonial hilltop with ancient temples in the middle of town. We will visit the studio of a famous artist who mixes the traditional elements and building techniques with his own style and modern touches. Not only is the quality of the highest level, but you will notice how the artist continues to use ancient motifs and symbolism as part of the artistic process.

We return to Oaxaca for lunch in Tierra del Sol, one of the most renowned restaurants in the city. The location is fabulous, on the terrace overlooking the Sto. Domingo complex and the city skyline, but the food is the real star here. Traditional Mixtec recipes using only the finest local ingredients, the chefs are widely regarded as the best in town.

After lunch we will visit the Museum of Santo Domingo, set in the beautiful old Dominican monastery. The exhibition is exceptional, focusing on cultural heritage and including the treasures of the tombs of Monte Alban. The architecture is inspiring, and the walk is the perfect means by which to digest lunch and learn more about the diverse and fascinating history of Oaxaca.

Tour Program :
– 7:30 am : Hotel or Meeting Point Pickup
– Monte Alban
– Ceramic Studio Atzompa
– Lunch Tierra del Sol
– Sto. Domingo Museum
– 4pm : drop off



Explore Monte Alban
Discover World famous Pottery
Enjoy a delicious Lunch in a city center rooftop
Visit Santo Domingo Museum



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