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From Madre de Dios ||Night trekking in the Amazon rainforest – Cusco, Peru

Take this night trekking route through the Amazon rainforest and discover the Peruvian nature under the moonlight. You will walk along the Tambopata River and see snakes, monkeys and leopards.


We will pick you up at 5:00 p.m. at your accommodation in Puerto Maldonado and head to the most natural area of the town. Did you know that it is known as the entrance to the Peruvian Amazon jungle?

Once there, we will start the night trekking route. For three hours we will walk under the moonlight and discover the most exotic vegetation of the Amazon jungle. We will border the Tambopata River and stop on the shore to listen to the sounds of the night.

We will pass through the Tambopata Ecotourism Corridor and the route will take us to the Tambopata National Reserve. As we walk through the wild flora we will see species such as snakes and tarantulas. Also, if we are lucky, we will be able to greet some leopards and nocturnal monkeys.

Finally, we will make our way back to the hotel at 8:00 p.m. to conclude the night trekking route.



The night a revelation of nature’s most cryptic tales.
Here, under the silvery gaze of the moon, you will discover the Amazon.
Great variety of amphibians, insects, arachnids and more.



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