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For the tour you will be picked up from your hotel in Lima at 4:00 AM to go to the city of Nasca (6-hour trip). The experience includes a visit to the “María Reiche” Site House Museum, where you will have an extensive explanation about the Nazca Lines and who was in charge of the investigations of these great representations.
Continuing with the trip, you will reach the metallic viewpoint of María Reiche, from where you will see 2 figures: the Hand and the Tree. Later you will go to the Nazca Airport to board the plane. During the trip you will see perfect representations of enormous animals, such as birds, including a condor, a hummingbird, a pelican, a parrot, among others.
Aside from the designs, you will also see hundreds of lines that run through the desert and large geometric figures that resemble enormous landing strips. After the extraordinary flight over the enigmatic Nasca lines, you will return to the city of Lima on a bus trip.
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An incredible experience will take you to know the enigmatic Nazca lines.
Flight over the enigmatic Nazca Lines in one day.
Learn more about the enigmatic lines that represent enormous Andean animals.



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