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You will start your tour in Chinchero, which was one of the most important populations during the Inca empire. However, it was the victim of the extirpation of idolatries, an action that replaced the traditional deities with Catholic ones, in order to transform popular beliefs.

Then visit Maras, an impressive complex of salt mining. They are large deposits of salt used in exchange for other products with other regions of the empire.

On the other hand, the archaeological site of Moray consists of mysterious concentric circular terraces that for some investigators would be an agricultural research center. Free time for lunch and then visit Ollantaytambo, a typical example of urban planning of the Incas. The archaeological complex called a fortress although it was a Tambo, a resting and lodging place for long-distance travelers.

Finally, visit the citadel of Pisac. The market has dozens of stalls displaying and selling goods crafted by residents of the area. After the visit return to your hotel.



Explore stunning Inca sites within the Sacred Valley at leisure.
Step back in time through the cobblestone streets, ruins and quaint shops of Ollantaytambo.
Admire Moray, an enormous construction of concentric circles that worked as an agricultural laboratory.
Explore Maras, a salt extraction center that has been operating since the time of the Incas.
Soak up the beauty of this historical and cultural Andean treasure.



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