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From Cajamarca: Yumagual – Cajamarca Region, Peru

The pools are characterized by combining warm water with small currents of cold water coming from the river.


The tour starts at 9:00 am or 3:00 pm

1.- Open the Gavilán: We will appreciate a sight panoramic of the city of

2.- Yumagual Waterfall: The only waterfall of thermal water is Peru has
properties healing for the concentration of minerals. The
pools and waterfalls characterized for combining the
thermal water that born with watercourses cold of the river.

3.- Artezanal de Mollepampa Route: The artisans
they teach us their techniques of pottery, they
transform the clay and mud in true artworks (ceramics
decorative and utilitarian).



Explore the natural beauty of Yumagual, a hidden corner in Cajamarca.
Cajamarca, where nature comes to life in Yumagual.
A trip to Yumagual is an unforgettable experience of peace and natural beauty.



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