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Start Your Awesome Giethoorn Adventure in Style!

Your amazing day kicks off with a fancy car ride, just for you, making you feel super special from the moment you leave. Imagine traveling from Amsterdam to the beautiful village of Giethoorn like a VIP!

When you get to this dreamy place, you’ll get your very own boat keys! Yes, you become the captain! Glide along peaceful canals, and see lovely houses with pretty roofs and gardens. It’s like being in a fairytale, earning Giethoorn the nickname ‘Venice of the North.’

Take a break from sailing and walk around the village. The paths are like secret trails leading you to awesome surprises! Chat with friendly local folks and maybe try some yummy treats they make.

This tour is just for a few people, making it super special and cozy. It’s all about enjoying Giethoorn’s beauty and quiet, making up your own adventure as you steer through the water.

The day is yours to make incredible memories, with each turn in the canal bringing a new, beautiful view. You’re not just visiting; you’re part of Giethoorn’s story for the day.

As the adventure winds down, head back to Amsterdam, your head full of stories and your heart full of joy. Ready for this unforgettable trip? Book now and be the captain of your own Giethoorn adventure!



Be your own captain
Travel like a VIP
Fairytale Scenery
Intimate and Personal



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