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Excursion to the Ventanillas de Otuzco and Tres Molinos farm – Cajamarca Region, Peru

Visit the Ventanillas de Otuzco, a famous pre-Inca cemetery, and discover the traditional customs of a Peruvian hacienda with this excursion from Cajamarca.


We will pick you up at your hotel in Cajamarca at 3:30 p.m. to embark on a very special excursion. Are you ready to travel back in time?

First of all, we will go to the town of Otuzco, passing by the hanging bridge over the Chonta River. Only about 7 kilometers from the town are the famous Ventanillas de Otuzco, a necropolis with more than 300 tombs carved into the volcanic rock.

This ancient cemetery belongs to the Caxamarca culture, which inhabited the area before the Incas and became part of the Inca Empire until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. We will be able to observe the window-shaped niches that give the complex its name and learn about the mysteries they hide. Did you think they were only used to bury the dead? You will discover that this is not so!

The next stop on the tour will be Hacienda Tres Molinos, a traditional farm that produces dairy products such as cheese, butter or the sweet blancmange, typical of South America. The farm also has a magnificent outdoor space, the hydrangea garden, where we will admire a great variety of flowers and fruits.

After the visit, we will give you free time to taste the delicious delicacies of the area and take a horseback ride through the hacienda. Once the tour is over, we will return to your hotels, where we will arrive around 7:00 pm.



Enjoy the landscapes of the Cajamarca countryside and the necropolis of Otuzco.
Cultural and recreational excursion
Visit the Ex Hacienda Tres Molinos, Hydrangea Botanical Garden



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