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Excursion in the amazon 4d /3 nights – Cusco, Peru

You will experience an adventure never experienced before; Being very close to wildlife is undoubtedly a great experience to repeat again.


– Reception at the bus terminal or airport of Puerto Maldonado, we will transfer you to the hostel where you will have a welcome drink with regional fruits, and then settle in our spacious bungalows; Then we will start an introductory walk through the vegetation and look for insects and wild animals on our trail.
After lunch we will navigate the Tambopata River where we will see a great sunset and at dusk we will go down with the engine off in search of alligators and wild animals.

We will get up very early, we will navigate through the Tambopata and Madre de Dios until we reach the entrance of the Tambopata Reserve, we will walk approximately 3 km, we will have the opportunity to see many birds, monkeys, insects and ancient trees that this reserve preserves along the way.

Upon arriving at Lake Sandoval, we will start our adventure in a rustic boat, we will row in this lake, this lake has an extension of more than 3 km, we will be able to see a lot of wildlife such as herons, monkeys, parrots and macaws, black alligators, piranhas, and the river otters, some giant specimens with a little more than two meters, which is in danger of extinction.

At night we will have a bonfire or night walk where we will find many species of both insects and birds, nocturnal monkeys and if the weather favors us, a great starry sky.

We will get up very early and navigate the Tambopata river, we will see a great sunrise and we will be able to appreciate different types of parrots in a clay ravine, where hundreds of this species of birds will gather every morning to feed on the mineral salts they need to survive.

During the afternoon we will have an adventurous activity on the Tambopata River, kayaking, a unique experience, where we will paddle and during the activity we will be able to see some species of animals on the banks of the Tambopata River.

At night we walk our path in search of animals such as night monkeys; owl, frogs, insects, a snake or some mammal that we can hopefully find; We can also see nocturnal plants and if the weather favors us, we can see the great starry sky. A great experience

After breakfast we will have a short rest.

We will hike for about 2 hours where we can see a variety of trees, medicinal plants, we can taste wild fruits throughout the hike, we will also observe wild animals in our forest, such as monkeys, birds, squirrels, sloths and snakes.

We will have the opportunity to see a specimen of chestnut tree one of the main and best trees of this Amazon rainforest as this specimen can only be found in Peru in this area of Madre de Dios.

The collection of this nut is one of the main activities and flag of this region, because with it you can make endless edible products and even beauty products.



You will have personal contact with Amazonian life.
a great adventurous experience in the jungle
see spectacular landscapes full of wildlife



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