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Whether you’re a visitor or a local, you’ll be surprised at the variety of attractions there are in Detroit. Take a trip through the city to learn about its diverse musical culture, its influence on the Motown genre, and the rich history of iconic sites, such as the Fox Theater and Fisher Building.
Join your local guide on an informative journey through Detroit’s less popular attractions and historical gems. Stop at locations such as the Fisher Building, Fox Theater, the Motown Museum, and the site of a recent Super Bowl, to hear the story behind each of them.
Walk through the beautifully manicured Belle Isle, with its lush gardens and outstanding views of the city from the water. Explore how the city has influenced and increased the popularity of musical genres like Motown and techno, as well as jazz, hip-hop, rock, and punk.



Witness the city’s impressive architecture and its world-famous landmarks
Visit sites like the Fox Theater and Fisher Building to hear about their past
Take a leisure stroll through the verdant Belle Isle, located on the water
Stop by the Motown Museum for photos and a quick local history lesson
Learn how Detroit’s diverse culture gave rise to several genres of music



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