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Did you know the White House built a secret bunker in 2010? Or that a Supreme Court justice wanted to hide treasure under his colleague s memorial? Join Junket for a dramatic, tall-all walking tour through the heart of DC.

You ll meet your seasoned guide at the Andrew Jackson statue in the center of Lafayette Park, where you ll dive into the shocking details of a 19th century murder. From there, you’ll stop by the White House, the U.S. Treasury, and other closely-guarded federal buildings.

Unlock secrets of the JFK assassination, the Situation Room, the US Secret Service, and the one-dollar bill. Find out why the ghost of Dolley Madison haunts the Octagon House, and uncover the history of America’s secret 29th president.

Are you ready to find out all of DC’s secrets? Book a tour today.



Uncover stories of murder, illuminati plots, and political cover-ups
Hear details about White House security, including secret rooms and bunkers
Find out why we may never know the truth about the JFK Assassination
Learn the history behind the Decatur and Blair Houses
Explore the nation s capital with a seasoned guide as your leader



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