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Hike to Waqrapukara for 1 day:
Waqrapukara is a fortress known for the peculiar form of horns that it presents, in this place lived the Inca nobility, until today you can observe the enclosures and Inca temples, located at 4300 meters above sea level.
The excursion starts with the pick up from your hotel (in or near the historical centre) between 4:00 – 5:00 a.m., where we will go to our first stop sangara, place where we will have breakfast.
Then we will continue to a parking place where we will park the vehicle and start the hike to the archaeological centre of Waqrapukara for 2 hours.
Upon arrival you will have time to visit part of the area with a brief guide. We will return to the car and return to Sangar√° where we will make our last stop for lunch.
The return to Cusco city will be approximately at 6 pm. You will be dropped off near the Plaza de Armas.



Live the unique Waqrapukara experience
Enjoy the horn fortress, Waqrapukara
Explore nature and culture in Waqrapukara



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