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Explore the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado with a self-driving audio tour. Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app that will function as your personal guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Purchase one tour per car, not per person. Everyone listens together! Note: The 72-mile tour covers the essentials of Million Dollar Highway in 2-3 hours.

Go at your own pace as you learn more about local history, the Gold Rush, and stunning natural landmarks with commentary developed by local guides, curated by creative writers, and narrated by professional voice artists

Begin your self-guided tour in Durango, which was once little more than a ragtag railroad camp. Learn how it transition into the bustling town it is today. Continuing on, you ll hear about Otto Mears, the entrepreneur who spearheaded the development of southern Colorado in the 1800s.

One of the first major landmarks you ll reach will be the Pinkerton Hot Springs, once believed to possess magical healing properties. After that, take the opportunity to see Baker s Bridge, where Paul Newman and Robert Redford took their famous leap in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Next is Haviland Lake, a pristine body of water framed by ponderosa pines and with a great mountain view. Continue past the lake, toward the breathtaking heights of Molas Pass, and hear all about the Gold Rush and the topography of these impressive mountains.

Arrive in the town of Silverton, which was once a humble mining cam. This settlement has retained plenty of its old-timey charm. Around here, you can also detour to a beautiful hidden waterfall off the beaten path.

Then, take a break along the shores of Crystal Lake, where you can try to spot some of the local wildlife. Then you ll come to one of the highway s most famous attractions, the 200-foot tall Bear Creek Falls.

After admiring the cascades of the falls, travel towards the quaint town of Ouray. Featuring an ice park, a canyon full of great views and hikes, and a bustling historic district, there s no shortage of activities and sights in this little town. Your tour then concludes at the Ouray Visitor Center.



Admire the views along Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway on a self-driving tour
Learn more about the construction of the highway, and its visionary Otto Mears
Find out more about the formation of the imposing mountain range
Relive the years of Colorado s Gold Rush as you explore former mining towns
Visit amazing natural wonders like Bear Creek Falls and Pinkerton Hot Springs



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