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Dive into the incredible world of whale sharks with our Cancún Whale Shark Tour, a thrilling 7-hour adventure that promises excitement and awe.
We will take you from your hotel to our private marina where our boats are docked.

You will be back at your hotel after the swimming with whale sharks tour from Cancun by 2 pm depending on the weather conditions.

It is important to be aware that in order to find and see the whale sharks we go out to open waters and sometimes it is rough. Most of the time the conditions are very good or perfect and everything goes well but as we all know the sea changes every minute and the conditions are sometimes not that good including rough sea and rain.

When it is too rough or dangerous the port is closed by the Port Master and we never go out in this case but sometimes even when it does not look very good if we are allowed to run the tour we do go out as all the other companies do.

After the excursion swimming with the whale sharks and before going back to the marina we go to the reef in Isla Contoy or Isla Mujeres to snorkel for about 40 minutes.

This is a natural activity, whale watching is not assured, but the activity and the places visited are made to be able to find them.



Immerse yourself in the company of the ocean’s gentle giants
Explore the vibrant reefs of Isla Contoy or Isla Mujeres
Knowledgeable guides ensure a safe and memorable experience



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