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Caimans and capibara search on the Tambopata river – Cusco, Peru

Discover the wonders of the Tambopata on this 2.5 hours adventure from town. Glide along the water against the backdrop of a nice sunset and go in search of wildlife: caimans, capybaras, turtles,


The adventure begins with pickup at 3.30 pm from your hotel in Puerto Maldonado and travels to the Tambopata River. Board your boat for the twilight and then set out into the jungle landscape as the sun begins to set. Admire as the sky is transformed with bursts of colour and reflected in the water of the river below.

Throughout the boat ride, listen to your guide share fascinating information about the Amazon Rainforest and the native wildlife that lives here. As you sail, keep a lookout for caimans, capybaras, birds, bats, and more. During the dry season, you can also enjoy a walk on one of the jungle beaches and go in search of turtle nests.

At the end of an unforgettable experience, sit back and relax on the return journey to your hotel.



Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Tambopata River
See native wildlife including caimans, capybaras, snakes, and more
Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the jungle landscape
Learn about the Amazon Rainforest from your guide



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