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we will go into the same way as the famous writer Mary Graham or the well-known naturalist Charles Darwin back in 1834, we entered this wonderful world of the flora and fauna of the place, with only binoculars or camera, determined to immortalize in a image to the elusive Garza Cuca, who from the heights of his regalon pine, watches expectantly all the visitors of the place.As we go through the wetland we find a large number of Tagüitas, which when visitors realize they run to take refuge in the blackberries. We continue advancing to the Fallen Pine Observer and see Taguas, Taguas Chicas, Pato Jergón grande, Pato Colorado, Pato Yeco or as it is also known as Black Cormorant, Pimpollo, Great Herons more than 159 types of birds, come to this unique paradise and meet our 5 ecosystems!

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