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ayahuasca ceremony full night – Cusco, Peru

ayahuasca ceremonies in cusco temples


This therapeutic program is designed to facilitate both physical and spiritual detoxification, employing a series of three expertly-crafted sessions. Following each session, ample time will be allotted for rest, recuperation, and reflection on the profound insights revealed during the ceremony. The Ayahuasca ceremony itself is performed under the cover of night, to maximize the mind’s receptivity to the medicine’s mystical properties. Integral to the effectiveness of the program is the pre-ceremony diet, which spans a minimum of three days and mandates avoidance of red meat, alcohol, drugs, sex, as well as limitation of sugar, salt, and spice. For optimal results, we strongly recommend supplementing the diet with pineapple extract prior to breakfast, as it enhances the clarity and vividness of the visions experienced during the ceremony. The longer the diet is followed, the more pronounced and transformative the results are bound to be.

For 5 days or more days Before starting the spiritual retreat.

No red meat (chicken and fish ARE allowed)
Abstain from sexual activity
No use of drugs
No smoking
Decrease salt consumption
Decrease sugar consumption
Decrease consumption of high-fat foods
No spicy foods
Reduce flour consumption
Decrease coffee consumption



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deep purification



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