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After pick-up from your hotel, your guide takes you to one of Lima’s most traditional and colorful communities, the fishing district of Chorrillos. The first stop is its picturesque seafood market and pier.

There, local fishermen sell their catch of the day and repair fishing nets and boats for their next adventure offshore. While they share their experiences and views on today’s challenges of artisanal fishing, your local guide shows you the incredible variety of Peruvian seafood. Without a doubt, essential to the diets of ancient and modern Peruvians.

If the weather allows, we take a short boat ride to have a better and different view of Lima’s coastline. This is a 30-minute ride along the coast in a fisherman’s boat that has been adapted to take visitors in a safe way (and with life vests).

Next, we leave the market and pier and walk through the historic streets of Chorrillos. Meanwhile, the guide explains the importance of this town in the history of Peru. On the way, we stop by a local boat builder’s workshop to understand the intensive process of making an artisanal fishing boat. After this visit, we reach the highlight of our morning: the best ceviche in Lima!

For lunch, we take you to the house of one of the most traditional families in town. They are still preserving many traditions from the first Spanish Peruvian settlers, locally known as “Criollos”. Their culture blended for more than two centuries with the indigenous, African, and Asian traditions to create the unique coastal culture of Peru. They practice different “creole” traditions that were passed on from their ancestors to the next generations in music, food, and other cultural expressions.

Ceviche, the Peruvian national dish, will be the star on our table. Without a doubt, you will understand why all Peruvians are so proud of this delicious seafood dish. If you’re a real foodie or wannabe cook, we can ask our hosts for a demonstration on how to prepare the best ceviche in town.

After lunch, we continue our tour up the hills of Chorrillos known as Morro Solar, a big cluster of hills facing the Pacific Ocean, the site of an important 19th-century battle, which shaped the history of modern Peru. From one of its peaks, you have a unique view of the huge city of Lima and its vibrant residents.

We leave after enjoying this panoramic view from the Morro Solar and you should be back at your hotel around 2:30 pm.

Your visit provides an (additional) income to several community members, for instance, the boat maker, the local cook, the boat owner, and the local guide. By visiting the pier, you also contribute to the fisherman’s cooperative at the artisanal fish market. These members mainly spend money in their community and as such pass on those benefits to other locals.

In addition, visits by people from around the world nourish their pride in their culture. This has an important impact on the conservation of traditions but also on the community’s and individuals’ self-esteem.



Visit a local fish market and its picturesque fishing pier
Try the best ceviche of Lima at a traditional family restaurant
Visit an artisanal boat maker’s workshop
Go on a short boat ride to see Lima’s coast from a different perspective
Enjoy one of the best views of Lima on the Morro Solar



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