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Uncover the Mystery of the 1985 Heist
Begin your journey by diving deep into the enigma surrounding the 1985 Heist at Mexico City’s renowned Anthropology Museum. Embark on a captivating adventure that takes you beyond the mere aesthetic beauty of iconic artifacts to explore the untold stories, controversies, and mysteries that envelop them.

First Stop: The Grand Entrance
Meet your knowledgeable guide at the grand entrance of the Anthropology Museum, identifiable by its massive stone pillar and water feature. Here, you’ll receive an overview of what lies ahead—offering just a hint of the intrigue to come.

The Itinerary
Exhibit Room 1: Begin by exploring Aztec history, with special focus on the Sun Stone, a monumental basalt calendar that weighs 25 tons. It was one of the key pieces targeted in the heist.

Exhibit Room 2: Journey to the Maya section, revealing ancient civilization’s complex relationship with cosmology. Learn about the stolen pieces from Palenque and their recovered journey.

Curator’s Corner: Receive unique insights from museum curators who designed the exhibition. Understand the challenges faced in presenting ‘originality’ when many of the pieces are replicas.

Heist Chronicles: Delve into the timeline of the infamous heist. Discuss why the thieves targeted specific pieces and what it tells us about art, history, and cultural value.

The Complexities of ‘Originality’
Engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the concept of ‘originality’ in the realm of art and history. Could a museum filled with replicas convey the same educational and aesthetic value? Challenge your perspective as you explore these complex issues.

How it Ends
Conclude your visit with a roundtable discussion, summarizing the day’s revelations. Whether or not you’ve solved the mystery of the 1985 Heist, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of cultural heritage and its various interpretations. You’ll be dropped off at a central location, Casa Pepe Hostel Boutique, to continue exploring the city at your leisure.






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