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Step into the shoes of a Dutch miller at the Sloten Windmill. Accompanied by your guide, experience a fully functioning water pumping mill on the outskirts of picturesque Amsterdam.

Enjoy the unique opportunity to explore one of the few windmills open to the public. Dating back to 1847, the Sloten Windmill still controls the water levels in low-lying Amsterdam West.

Before entering, marvel at the quaint thatched roof and hardy oak build. Follow your guide through the windmill. Learn how it works, see the wings turning, and discover its fascinating history.

As you climb up the windmill, hear stories of nearby villages Sloten and Old Osdorp. In the attic, wonder at wax characters painted by the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn.

From the top, enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding canals.



See the wings turn on a functional windmill that dates back to the 19th century
Learn from your guide how the windmill protects the low-lying Amsterdam West
Take in panoramic views of the Ringvaart Canal and the surrounding areas
Admire wax figures painted by the iconic Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn
Enjoy a fun-filled day out that’s more than likely to delight the whole family



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