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Discover the works of Frans Hals at a special exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and see firsthand why his distinctive, freewheeling style of painting became so influential.

View a selection of around 50 key works from the artist’s oeuvre, including paintings from the museum’s own collection and a number of special loans.

Paintings on loan include The Laughing Cavalier from the Wallace Collection in London – a work that normally never travels – as well as Catharina Hooft with her Nurse and Malle Babbe on loan from the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin.

Other pieces on loan include Family Group in a Landscape, Fruit and Vegetable Seller (on loan from a private collection), and the group portrait The Banquet of the Officers of the St George Civic Guard from 1616, which will be seen outside the city of Haarlem for the first time.

Explore the retrospective exhibition, which centers on Hals’ freewheeling, lively style – a style that won him praise as well as a reputation as a forerunner of impressionism. Watch him grow as an artist as you view his work.

Painting by painting, see the artist begin to break with convention and gain in confidence as he finds his own inimitable way. The exhibition at the Rijksmuseum also provides insight into the times in which Hals lived and the values and traditions of the age.

Leave your visit with a deeper understanding of Frans Hals, his paintings, and why he was celebrated, admired and sometimes despised for his rough-and-ready style.

Your combo ticket also gives you access to the Rijksmuseum’s permanent collection, which you can explore at your leisure after visiting the Frans Hals exhibition.



Marvel at famous works by Dutch artist Frans Hals at a special exhibition
See rare paintings on loan from other museums and a private collection
Learn more about the life of Frans Hals and the era in which he lived
Discover why he was celebrated as you view a collection of 50 of his works
Explore the Rijksmuseum’s permanent collection after viewing the exhibition



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