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Follow in the footsteps of Amsterdam’s world famous Golden Age painter during this immersive walking tour that delves into the architectural marvels, artistic treasures, and cultural milestones of the era.

UNESCO canals
Begin your journey at the UNESCO-listed Canal District, where the city’s wealthiest merchants once resided.

Canal Houses
Marvel at the opulence of the canal houses, prime examples of baroque, rococo, and classical Dutch architecture.

Middle Ages
Wander through the oldest remaining part of the city before the Golden Age, a historic area with intertwining alleys and churches of this period.

Rembrandt’s Neighbourhood
Follow the steps of Rembrandt, Amsterdam’s super star of Golden Age art. a poignant reminder of the city’s history during World War II. Explore the street and buildings that inspired Rembrandt’s Art career.

Gates to Amsterdam
Visit the gates of the city, the birthplace of capitalism, home to an extensive collection of Dutch Golden Age buildings.

This walking tour promises an engaging exploration of Amsterdam’s Golden Age, offering a vivid tapestry of art, architecture, and cultural evolution that defined this remarkable period in the city’s history.



UNESCO heritage site canals
Braoque, rococo and neo classical architecture
Oldest buildings in Amsterdam
Rembrandts life and art
Dutch East India History



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