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Discover wildlife roaming in the wild in Africam Safari Zoo, located just outside the city of Puebla. No need to travel all the way to Africa to enjoy a safari experience.! Hop aboard one of our buses and from the safety and comfort of your vehicle, gaze at animals like giraffes, zebras, elephants and tigers. With approximately 2,500 animals of 350 species, you’re bound to snap exciting photos of your safari adventure. Air-conditioned transport from Puebla included.
After touring on the bus, you will have time on your own to continue exploring more animales at the walking zone.
There are also restaurants and snaks booths to have lunch.



Admission ticket to Africam Safari Zoo
Spot animals like lyons, bears, rhinos, lions and more
See African wildlife
Enjoy round-trip transport from Puebla on this family-friendly outing



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