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7 Lagoons of Ausangate full day – Cusco, Peru

The tour 7 lagoons in Ausangate is an incredible experience for the different lagoons that you get to visit, the colors of each one are beautiful and on the walk you can observe different camelids.


Early in the morning at 4:00 hrs, you will be picked up from your Hotel in Cusco and begin your 3-hour trip in a tourist transport to head to the southeast of the city of Cusco. On the way they will pass through different towns and hamlets until the town of Pacchanta, where a delicious breakfast awaits them.
Finishing breakfast you will begin a walk towards the 7 lagoons, your guide will be with you accompanying you until you reach the first lagoon, he will explain in more detail about its origin, you will also have time to take photographs and admire the place.

Later you will pass through the following lagoons, the colors they have are interesting, some look like natural mirrors due to their large size, others are smaller and each one different from the last.
The walk lasts approximately 5 hours round trip, along the way you will appreciate the flora of the place, you will be able to observe birds, camelids, vizcachas and among other animals.
At the end of the 7 Lagoons circuit, you will return to enjoy a delicious lunch and relax in the Pacchanta hot springs, which have a great view of the Ausangate Mountains since it is located on its slopes and in the open air.



Enjoy the Pacchanta hot springs with a wonderful view of the snowy Ausangate
Take the best photographs of the different lagoons.
Capture unforgettable moments with stunning panoramic views



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