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Magnificent views of Angkor Wat at Sunrise
Cruise out to the beaches Koh Rong island
Private tour ensures the undivided attention of your guide
One-way tour: start in Siem Reap and end in Phnom Penh
Discover Cambodia’s UNESCO-listed temples, countryside traditions, and beautiful beaches on this week-long tour. Travel in the comfort of a private vehicle, enjoy a guided tour of the Angkor Temples, and visit the capital of Phnom Penh. Then, experience traditional life as you explore the pepper farms and salt fields of Kampot, stroll along the beach in Shihanoukville, and cruise out to visit Koh Rong Island.

In this 7-day tour you will explore in the main places in Cambodia and get a good impression of what the country has to offer. You will start in siem reap to visit the ancient temples and afterwards visit the capital city of Phnom Penh, the province of Kampot to see the pepper farms,  Koh Rong Island. The combination of architecture, culture, history, nature and beach is amazing. All this can be found in Cambodia. 

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