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This is one of the most pleasant tours that we have in the city and most comfortable since the tourist only walks in the spaces necessary to see the most beautiful views that the city has. We have exclusive access to the different parking lots of the archaeological site in addition to what With a certified guide you get to know the caves plantations and the ancestral caves of the Teotihuacan site. The visit with us in Cuatrimoto is very pleasant since the adrenaline of the machine as well as the beautiful landscape of the archaeological site falls in love with all its visitors. The tour lasts approximately two to three hours and we have all the necessary safety equipment so that the tourist feels safe and, most importantly, can enjoy the beautiful constructions of the archaeological site. We will also get to know all the local products that are found around the city mainly. the Obsidian which is the stone that was part of the economy.
Group type: Private
Customizable: Yes



You will have a detailed safety course/pre-ride class insuring every1’s safety
We offer this tour in many languages, includes our own US female guide!
Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian Just Ask we can accommodate!
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