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Discover the allure of Brazil’s bygone era of gold and glory in this immersive 3-day journey, starting from in the city of Rio and venturing into the heart of Minas Gerais.Experience the charm of colonial-era towns, São João Del Rei and Tiradentes, where 18th-century architecture and rich cultural history await at every turn. Enjoy a scenic steam locomotive ride connecting these enchanting towns, an experience that’s akin to stepping back in time.Journey further into the heartland to Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its outstanding Baroque architecture, winding cobblestone streets, and remnants of the prolific gold rush era.On the final day, we’ll venture to the quaint town of Mariana. Despite its size, it brims with historical attractions, offering a snapshot of Brazil’s golden past. Enjoy a delicious lunch here before going on the scenic journey to Rio.Join us for this captivating journey, where each city unfolds a unique chapter of Brazil’s golden history.

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