Thank You MDMA! – New York, NY

Thank You MDMA! – New York, NY

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Don’t miss this upcoming 2024 Local Event in New York, NY. Happening on Friday, July 19, 2024 at 222 E 46th St. Doors open at 7:00 PM.

A Night of Celebration & Support for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Join us on Friday night, July 19th at the Psychedelic Assembly for a celebration of the miraculous molecule MDMA and a public show of support for Psychedelic Therapy!

Once again, we’re transforming our seven interconnected rooms into a large-scale late-night gathering for the psychedelic community in NYC like no other! Let’s convene at this historical moment in time to show support for MDMA Assisted Therapy!

The evening will begin with a series of curated talks featuring visionary artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, authors Charley Wininger & Rachel Nuwer, MC’d by psychedelic comedian and educator Sarah Rose Siskind (with more TBA)

Following the talks the evening will morph into a late night dance party. Open your heart and get down with DJ Preskool and DJ EH, accompanied by a live VJ experience by Joe’s Amazing Lights. Then consciously connect in our library with chill-out vibes by DJ Ash Wood.

This night will be a sensory celebration, with live painting and art by visionary artist Brynja Magnusson, surprise activations, an expansive fruit buffet, on-site harm reduction educational materials by DanceSafe and a non-alcoholic bar by Curious Elixirs.


Please Note this is an ALCOHOL FREE event.

Alex Grey

The Visionary paintings of Alex Grey articulate realms of psychedelic mystical experience, revealing interwoven energies of body and soul, love and spirit, that illuminate the anatomical core of each being. Alex’s artworks on the nature of life and consciousness, have reached millions through his five books including three monographs, the exhibition and extensive reproduction of his artwork, social media, live-painting and speaking appearances including a popular TED talk, plus his stage sets, animation, and Grammy award winning album art for the rock band Tool.

Alex Grey links:

Allyson Grey

Allyson Grey is a painter and social sculptor. The subject of Allyson’s paintings is an essentialized world view, the artist’s interpretation of the realms of Chaos, Order & Secret Writing. Chaos represents the material world, Order, the interconnected realm of energy and light and Secret Writing, the untranslatable language of creative expression. Allyson has been the creative and life partner of artist, Alex Grey, since meeting in art school in 1975. Allyson has long been an art educator, organization developer, editor and muse to artists worldwide. MFA, Tufts University.

Allyson Grey Links:

Together, the Grey’s co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM. Full Moon Ceremonies have been held by the Chapel since January 2003. Thousands of supporters from around the world have contributed to manifesting CoSM and the Entheon project. As long-time advocates of “cognitive liberty,” the Grey’s have been embraced as important mapmakers and spokespersons for the psychedelic visionary realm. The Grey’s, with the CoSM team, and over thirteen hundred CoSM Members, continue to develop CoSM, with Entheon as a heart center, a sanctuary of Visionary Art and sacred offering in the scenic Hudson Valley town of Wappinger, New York.

CoSM Links:

Charley Wininger:

Charley Wininger, LP, LMHC, has over thirty years experience as a psychotherapist and over fifty as a psychonaut. He is the author of “Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative Power Of MDMA.” He and his wife Shelley have been instrumental in helping to build the psychedelic community in NYC over the past twenty years.

Rachel Nuwer:

Rachel Nuwer is an award-winning science journalist who regularly contributes to the New York Times, National Geographic, Scientific American, and many other publications. Her reporting for the New York Times broke the news globally about the MDMA Phase III clinical trial and was highlighted by Michael Pollan, Ezra Klein, and Tim Ferriss, among other thought leaders. In 2022, Nuwer was among the inaugural recipients of the Ferriss–UC Berkeley Psychedelic Journalism Fellowship. She holds master’s degrees in applied ecology and in science journalism. Her first book, Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking, took her to a dozen countries to investigate the multibillion-dollar illegal wildlife trade. She lives in Brooklyn.

Sarah Rose Siskind

Sarah is a science comedy writer based in New York City. In addition to running Hello SciCom, she’s executive producing a physics comedy TV show on National Geographic. Previously, she was lead writer for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Emmy-nominated TV show, StarTalk. She performs stand-up mostly around NYC, mostly about psychedelics. She’s written comedy for UCB, Fox, CBS, and the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. She was the lead comedy writer at Hanson Robotics for Sophia the Robot. She wrote her Harvard thesis on comedy because what screams funny like 130 pages of MLA-formatted, academic text?

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PreSkool is a DJ, music producer and manipulator of light. He has been DJing since 2003, and has monthly residencies at Union Pool, Coyote Club, Sundown Bar.

While selecting across the musical spectrum both temporally and culturally, current focus is on contemporary and classic electronic dance music. Site includes mixes, videos, photography, event calendar and a interactive Blog discussing Electronic Dance Music along with other aspects of Dance Culture.

Before there was Old Skool or Nu Skool, there was PreSkool.

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A relaxed, sophisticated dance music maestro inspired by Ben UFO, Madam X, Skream, Leon Vynehall, and Nina Las Vegas. His seamless genre blending & meticulous track selection establishes an environment where music becomes an immersive journey.

DJ Ash Wood:

Ash Wood has been spinning psychedelic sounds in forests, fields, beaches, nightclubs, and warehouses since 1997. He draws from an extensive electronic and world music archive while DJing, weaving electronic invocations, organic melodies, and ancestral rhythms into a vibrant energetic container that calls all presence into the heart of the dance.

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Joe’s Amazing LIghts

Joe Petrowski is a creative designer who specializes in imaginative lighting design. When he’s not geeking out in the box office with Tessitura releases, Joe can be found creating memorable moments for thousands of spectators through dazzling and spectacular lighting displays and installations. Joe has collaborated with various musical artists and production companies creating unique entertainment experiences. Credits include Art Bath, The Q, Laissez Faire, Mission Nightclub, Hearsay, Knockdowncenter, New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, Macy’s Santaland, Mckittrick Hotel & Insomniac, and Walt Disney World.

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Brynja Magnusson

Brynja Magnusson is an artist in the realm of spiritual development. Using art as a tool, Brynja has created several illustrated books and card decks for the exploration of mystical, archetypal, and energetic systems. More recently, Brynja is using Visionary and Shamanic Art as a vehicle to pull focus onto deeper subconscious, medicinal, and spiritual growth. Art is an electrolyte, and Brynja’s mission is to place art where there might be the greatest benefit to humanity and nature.

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DanceSafe is a drug checking, earplug slinging, party servicing nonprofit that was founded on social justice principles. Our programs include drug education, sexual health and consent deep-dives, political advocacy, and event outreach, where our amazing volunteers distribute information and resources at the fabled DanceSafe Booths.

We’re here because we believe in the transformative power of people caring about other people.

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Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs are booze-free craft cocktails, infused with adaptogens to help you unwind. Our beverages are handmade with the best ingredients and no refined sugar.

Each Curious Elixir also bolsters the body using the mysterious properties of plants — from an ancient botanical that increases serotonin and dopamine precursors, to another that increases circulation and was used in Mayan culture as an aphrodisiac.

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The Psychedelic Assembly

The Psychedelic Assembly strives to bring about positive change by uniting the transformative potential of psychedelics with the unfailing power of human connection.

Our NO-ALCOHOL Late-Night Events are quickly becoming NYC’s premiere underground hub for the psychedelic community to dance, unwind, and connect.

These alcohol-free nightlife environment is lovingly & intentionally designed by psychonauts for those kindred spirits who know that there are FAR superior altered states out there.

After all, isn’t it always a better party when everyone’s on the same wavelength?

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Friday, July 19th, 2024 @ 07:00 PM


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