Shades Of Melanin BBQ And Day Party: Essence Fest Edition – New Orleans, LA

Shades Of Melanin BBQ And Day Party: Essence Fest Edition – New Orleans, LA

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Don’t miss this upcoming 2024 Essence Festival Party in New Orleans, LA. Happening on Saturday, July 6, 2024 at Culture Park NOLA. Doors open at 3:00 PM.

Indulge In The Best Southern Hospitality Experience NOLA Has To Offer With Complimentary Speciality Cocktails And BBQ! Text 917-232-2177

Sunday | July 6th | 3PM-10PM

“Shades Of Melanin” BBQ And Day Party Is The Ultimate Celebration Of Culture, Music, Delicious Cocktails, And Of Course BBQ.

Indulge In Complimentary Cocktails And A Mouthwatering Spread Of BBQ Chicken, Ribs And More, It’s Sure To Be An Unforgettable Party Experience For Cocktail Lovers And Foodies Alike.

Just Remember To Get There Early To Enjoy The Complimentary Treats While Supplies Last!

Get Ready To Groove From The First Beat To The Last As “50 Shades Of Melanin” Promises Not Only A Feast For The Taste Buds But Also A Symphony For The Soul With Music Curated By The Nation’s Top DJs.

Text “Shades Of Melanin Party Info Required” TO 917-232-2177 TO SECURE YOUR SEATING ASAP!


. Speciality Cocktails Are Included In Ticket Price, Please Drink Responsibly!

. FREE BBQ Buffet



. Attendees Can Purchase Drinks Or Shots, Food From The Seafood Vendor And Hookah At Their Leisure Which Is A Separate Fee From Your Ticket As That Strictly Includes Speciality Cocktails Only!

Can Be Paid For Via:

Cash Or Debit/Credit Card.

. Attendees Can Purchase Bottle Service To Secure Guaranteed Seating Or Rent A Tabletop(Highboy) With Barstools.

Can Be Paid For Via:

Cash, Cash App, Debit/Credit Card Or Zelle.


The Venue Is Equipped With An ATM On Site, Two Bars And We Have TENTS To Provide Covering/Shade Regardless Of Rain Or Sunshine As We Have Ample Space.




Dresses/Skirts, Linen Pants/Shorts Are Suggessted.

Sandals/Sneakers And Wedges Are Suggessted.


Collared Shirts Or Designer T-Shirts Are Suggested.

Sandals/Sneakers And Shorts Are Suggested.

. All Guest Must Be 21+ With A Valid ID Or Passport

. No Outside Alcohol Is Permitted On-Site.

. No Disorderly Conduct Will Be Tolerated; Unruly Guest Are Subject To Ejection.

• By Entering This Event, You Acknowledge That Photos And/Or Videos May Be Taken Of You And Used For Future Promotions.

You Hereby Wave Any Claims Against Shades Of Melanin And Smoove Events LLC With The Use In Any And All Media Of Such Photos And Videos Taken At This Event.

• All Sales Are Final!

Interested In Seating?

Secure Guaranteed Seating By Paying A Section Fee And Purchase Bottle Service Or Rent A Tabletop(Highboy) With Barstools.

Section Fees:

Tabletop(Highboy) With Barstools – $100

(Requires A Seperate Purchase Of 1 Bottle)

Seated Section – $200

(Requires A Seperate Purchaae Of A Bottle Package)

Bottle Service Price List

Bronze Packages:

3 Bottles Of Belaire Rose With 4 Guest -$360

2 Bottles Of Veuve Clicqout With 4 Guest – $480

2 Bottles Of Crown Royal(Apple Available), Jameson Or Tito’s With 6 Guest – $540

2 Bottles Of Patron With 6 Guest – $600

2 Bottles Of Dusse Or Hennessy With 6 Guest – $660

2 Bottles Of Casamigo Or Don Julio(Reposado Available) With 6 Guest – $780


Silver Packages:

6 Bottles Of Belaire Rose With 6 Guest – $720

3 Bottles Of Veuve Clicqout With 6 Guest – $720

3 Bottles Of Crown Royal(Apple Available), Jameson Or Tito’s With 8 Guest – $810

3 Bottles Of Patron With 8 Guest – $900

3 Bottles Of Dusse Or Hennessy With 8 Guest – $990

3 Bottles Of Casamigo Or Don Julio(Reposado Available) With 8 Guest – $1,120


Gold Packages:

9 Bottles Of Belaire Rose With 8 Guest – $1,080

4 Bottles Of Veuve Clicqout With 8 Guest – $1,080

4 Bottles Of Crown Royal(Apple Available), Jameson Or Tito’s With 10 Guest – $1,080

4 Bottles Of Patron With 10 Guest – $1,200

4 Bottles Of Dusse Or Hennessy With 10 Guest – $1,320

4 Bottles Of Casamigo Or Don Julio(Reposado Available) With 10 Guest – $1,560


VIP Deck Seating
Platinum Packages:

12 Bottles Of Belaire Rose With 10 Guest – $1,440

5 Bottles Of Veuve Clicqout With 10 Guest – $1,440

5 Bottles Of Crown Royal(Apple Available), Jameson Or Tito’s With 12 Guest – $1,350

5 Bottles Of Patron With 12 Guest – $1,500

5 Bottles Of Dusse Or Hennessy With 12 Guest – $1,650

5 Bottles Of Casamigo Or Don Julio(Reposado Available) With 12 Guest – $1,950


Pricing Includes Tax And Gratuity With CASH PAYMENT, If A Card Is Used An Additional 30% Fee Will Be Added To Your Total.

We Do Not Guarantee Seating For Everyone Granted Entry With Your Package Purchase, That’s Strictly The Amount Of People We Are Willing To Allow In FREE With Your Order!

All Sales Are Finale, No Refunds Will Be Granted!

Purchase Shades Of Melanin BBQ And Day Party: Essence Fest Edition Tickets Below:

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Additional Details

Event ID - 858435542817

Event Venue - Culture Park NOLA

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Date And Time

Saturday, July 6th, 2024 @ 03:00 PM (CDT)


Culture Park NOLA


3000 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70122

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