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Discover the timeless beauty of Zacatecas with our Millennial Teúl Tour. Begin your day with an early breakfast before venturing into the picturesque Tlaltenango Canyon. Along the way, admire the charming towns of Tepetongo and Tlaltenango, each steeped in history and tradition.

Arriving in Teul, explore the archaeological site of Cerro del Teul, a testament to the region’s ancient civilizations. Learn about the area’s rich copper and ceramic handicrafts as you wander through one of the continent’s earliest industrial zones.

Continue your journey through Teul, where colonial treasures await. Admire the grandeur of the Parish of San Juan Bautista, stroll through the historic Los Portales, and pay homage at the Sanctuary of Guadalupe. Dive into the region’s history at the House Museum of General J Jesus Gonzalez Ortega before sampling internationally renowned mezcal at “Don Aurelio.”

Conclude your tour with a delectable lunch at Los Jorges restaurant before returning to the vibrant city of Zacatecas.



Explore the Tlaltenango Canyon and historic towns of Tepetongo and Tlaltenango.
Visit the archaeological site of Cerro del Teul.
Discover colonial landmarks in Teul, including the Parish of San Juan Bautista



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