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The Ruyi Peak, this is new spot is spectacular for the ropeway(3km away from Moon hill and on the way to the Silver Cave). With a total length of 2.3km, Ruyi Peak Ropeway adopts advanced equipment from Poma Company of France, using 8-passenger detachable mono-cable gondola lift, with elevation difference of 242m, horizontal distance of 1800m, and single way capacity of 2000Ppl/hr. Along the various mountain bodies of the ropeway in the scenic area, construction projects are built, including glass-bottomed skywalk, love-ring bridge, mountain crafting mirror, cliff dwellings, and other beautiful landscapes, where visitors can stroll along with leisure and fully experience the fun when traveling through the mountains. It is such an enjoyable ropeway experience, tourists just sit on the sightseeing ropeway and enjoy fully the beautiful scenery and landscapes of Guilin’s Ten-mile Gallery of the four seasons, as if touring in a magic world.



The itinerary is flexible, you can spend 2-3hrs whenever you want.
This tour can have option with the transfer or just with the ticket only
Can enjoy the Yangshuo mountains with the cable car and galss bridges



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