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Visit the canals of Xochimilco aboard my boat and learn to prepare the Mezcal cocktails in the Mixology master class, and have fun along the way with party music.

Take a masterful journey through the creation of a cocktail using the purest Mexican liquor, mezcal. Learn about the creation of mezcal.

Experience a tour perfect for those who like spicy or sweet cocktails. Indulge in non-alcoholic drink options for those who don’t drink alcohol, and enjoy an experience of creating exotic Mexican drinks.

Eat Mexican tacos at a local restaurant on a floating island, drink margarita, tequila, mezcal, pulque, and michelada, play Mexican bingo, and test your artistic skills in a karaoke challenge.

End the experience with a Mexican surprise activity.



Enjoy an entertaining ride on the tour boat called Trajinera
Learn to prepare the Mezcal cocktail in the Mixology master class
Eat tacos at a local restaurant on a island and enjoy other activities
Learn to prepare michelada cocktail during a Mexican cocktail tutorial
Sing in a karaoke challenge after a delicious local lunch of tacos



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