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Walk in old Dubai with new friend – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experience about Arabic culture. Enjoy arabian coffee. Walk and explore old houses. Experience boat ride. and....and much more just scroll down, book tour, and lets meet. im excited to see you.


History and progress exist side-by-side in the vibrant city of Dubai, and one of the best ways to experience this is by going on a walking tour. Join this walking tour and immerse your self in the streets to see what this city is all about. our stop of al-fahidi where you can see traditional houses, explore narrow alleyways, and admire the innovative wind towers. Head to the Coffee Museum to learn about the beloved beverage, then visit the Dubai Museum to mine the history of this desert trading town. Travel to Dubai creek and the Dhow for stunning view, then take an abra(traditional boat) to sail to the Deira side. Here, you can shop at souks, like spice souk and gold souk. Make sure you get a souvenir so you can take a piece of Dubai home with you.



Explore, what early life was like in this desert trading town.
Learn about Dubai story from a Desert-to-a-Global destination city.
Experience breath-taking views from abra boat that will take you back in time.



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