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In this experience you will explore ubud area with your local guide and you will spend the time with fantastic experience. And the intenerary :

1. Monkey forest
In this place you can come to the forest and you can see the monkey inside. And the monkey is life together with the people and this monkey is friendly monkey so you can do selfi monkey.

2. Rice terraces and swing
Before you leave Bali you need to visit this place because the rice terraces in Bali is very beautiful. You can exploring this rice terraces and take a amazing photos there. Not only that but also you can do some activity such as swing, ziplane, skybike and so on.

3. Tirta Empul temple
Is public temple that we have in Bali and so many people come here for pray and to do healing. And this temple is one of biggest body purepication temple we have

4. Waterfall
We have so many waterfalls in uniform but now we will visit Ulu Petanu waterfall.

5. Coffee plantation
Coffee in Bali is very important because coffee we use for welcome drink and in this experience we will visit the famous coffee that we have in Bali, that is Luwak coffee, (coffee from animal) and you can try it, and thank we finish the tour



Monkey forest
Rice terraces and swing
Coffee Luwak



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