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Trail running from Haputele to Bambarakanda water falls – Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

From Haputale start our Running through a variety of forests not experienced by the tourist. Run through massive eucalyptus and pine forests through the Tea Plantations of beautiful Hill Country


Trail running from Haputele to Bambarakanda water falls
The Pekoe Trail, Stage 12, & Sri Lankas Highest Water Fall via devil’s staircase 34 KM

From Haputale we start our Running through a variety of forests not experienced by the average tourist. Run through these massive eucalyptus and pine forests and through the Tea Plantations of this beautiful Hill Country you will see Sri Lanka at its loveliest best. And one of the most spectacular views, both north and south across the country can be seen on this walk. Also, we have the chance to walk along the railway line for about half an hour including going through a tunnel!
Running through Thangamale bird sanctuary is an experience for one is interested in watching birds in a peaceful environment while enjoying the breathtaking landscape, Thangamale bird sanctuary is the ideal location for it. The sanctuary is set in Thangamale, the golden mountain, the best and most interesting path to approach this sanctuary is for trail running
we Run in the tea plantation and pass the remote tea estate villages where the tea plantation workers live. You will meet the families
After Lunchbreak in the lodge, we start the Run to most famous water fall babarakanda falls the highest fall in Sri Lanka through a path in the mountain with panoramic view in the tea plantation and tea plantation villages
The trail will pass by abandoned estates, beautiful rolling hills covered in fields of green tea, bubbling streams you will also come across some awe-striking views as you Run along the broken roads, and barely visible trails. You will pass by a village where tea plantation workers live
Then you will be passing through an area called “Devil’s staircase” a very narrow with three hair pin bends and at the end of this the tea estate the scenery come more fascinating.
After from a tea plantation village you will be going down to a forest and reach to a waterfall called “Lanka Falls” Lanka fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the hidden forest not many people visit this fall so most of the time the whole waterfall just for you to enjoy, and where you would be able to swim and have a cold bath in the natural pool at the base of the waterfall. After swim, we continue our Run further down where you will come to see Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall “Bambarakanda”. And we will go to the foot of the waterfall to enjoy the big water falling down Then you will be descending further with the view of Bambarakanda waterfall view. From the water fall you will run to the Colombo Badulla mail road to finish the Trail Running



Thangamale bird sanctuary
“Devil’s staircase”
Bambarakanda waterfall and Lanka Falls



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