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Akihabara is a major hub for a wide range of Japanese pop culture, including anime, manga, games, and J-pop. As you leave the station, you’ll immediately be immersed in a heavenly world of anime, with neon signs and captivating advertisements decorating the flashy town.

Start off your tour by exploring the hidden electronic shops under the train tracks, where businesses have been thriving since post-World War II. Then head over to Akihabara Radio Kaikan, an 11-story building filled with popular anime merchandise and games.

Throughout the tour, your knowledgeable local guide will take you to all the best stores and gaming arcades so you can really experience the town like a local. Gain valuable insight into the buzzing Electric Town that you would never get going on your own.



Immerse yourself in Japanese pop culture in the lively Akihabara hub
Explore everything the area has to offer with the help of your local guide
Geek out in the unique and specialized stores for rare games and gadgets
Visit Akihabara Radio Kaikan and discover the immense anime collection
Hang like a local at the arcade and try out the plethora of arcade games



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